Enhancing Security while Improving the Gaming Experience

Part of SIA's Emerging Technologies Webcasts Series

Recent events have illuminated the need for improved security but budgets to facilitate those changes can be difficult to attain. What if your technology choices could provide the safety gains your organization needs while benefiting the gaming experience your clients receive, all while simplifying and standardizing the technology acquisition process and costs incurred?  
Join Veridocs COO, Joe Oprosko and Gemalto Vice President of R&D, Daniel Asraf, as they discuss how document authentication and facial recognition technologies can be leveraged throughout the gaming organization, from hotel check in, to on-site shops, as well as casino floors; to protect your customers and staff members while improving the experiences had by all.

Presenter (s): 
Joe Oprosko, COO, Veridocs; and Daniel Asraf, Vice President of R&D, Gemalto
Moderator (s): 
Rick Rector, Publisher, Security Systems News