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AT&T Digital Life

AT&T’s Petersen explains Digital Life ‘seamless hub’ strategy

Adding Samsung, Lutron, Qualcomm and LG Electronics to the equation eases customization

ATLANTA—AT&T’s plan to become a central, seamless hub that integrates a variety of systems into its Digital Life platform is becoming a reality, according to Kevin Petersen, SVP, AT&T Digital Life.

AT&T Digital Life coming to additional markets


DALLAS—AT&T Digital Life service will be available to customers in six additional markets beginning Nov. 8, AT&T announced this week.

Comcast: 'We’re not just a cable company anymore'

It offers Xfinity Home security and is creating Xfinity Customer Centers to showcase and sell the product

PHILADELPHIA—Comcast was a leader among telecoms and cablecos entering the security market, launching Xfinity Home in 2010. Now it’s on the leading edge of a new trend of selling home security in retail stores—opening more than 40 Xfinity Customer Centers nationwide, with more on the way.

AT&T expands home security/automation to more markets


DALLAS—Digital Life, AT&T’s home security and automation platform, will be available in 15 markets this spring, seven more than the company originally announced in January