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Revised law to clear up N.Y. licensing flap

Rewording of 6D should end requirements installers get a local license as well as a state one

ALBANY, N.Y.—A state committee has recommended that state law governing the licensing of alarm installers be reworded to make clear local governments can’t require installers to have a local license in addition to their mandated state one, according to Joseph Hayes, president of the New York Burglar & Fire Alarm Association.

New York to combat municipal licensing trend

State expected to clarify alarm installers need only state license, not extra local ones

ALBANY, N.Y.—To end a new trend by New York municipalities to require alarm installers to get local licenses in addition to the mandated state one, a state committee is expected to recommend rewriting state law, according to the president of the New York Burglar & Fire Alarm Association.

Post NYBFAA open discussion forum, Article 6-E put to bed?


ALBANY, N.Y.—It looks as though Article 6-E has reached the end of its journey—for now.
In a Feb. 15 email interview with Security Systems News, NYBFAA executive director Dale Eller said the New York state association’s board of directors had a lot to think about after the Feb. 10 meeting at which two dozen security industry executives aired their opinions on the nascent central station licensing legislation. Eller said the board came to a decision late in the day Feb. 15.

Proposed New York legislation causes major stir

Proponents and opponents urged to attend open hearing to make their voices heard

ALBANY, N.Y.—Proposed legislation being developed by an alarm association committee here has created such a stir that the New York Burglar & Fire Alarm Association has decided to conduct an open forum discussion at its Feb. 10 board of directors meeting.

Licensing of central station operators mulled in New York


ALBANY, N.Y.—There’s legislation in the works here that, if passed, would require all New York central station operators to be licensed. Some industry insiders, such as CIA Security president John Lombardi, believe there’s merit in this type of legislation. But others, including Bart Didden of USA Central Station, believe this legislation is a bad idea.