Which would you rather have? Titan or Tootsie

The UK-based Daily Mail Reporter reported yesterday that the new line in home security is this £65,000 Titan guard dog. The story says an American, Simon Brodie, came up with the idea of marketing these dogs. They're reared in Germany where they get special two-year "Schutzhund" training. They're supposed to be super intelligent and this Schutzhund training teaches them to "track and trap intruders until police arrive, protecting families and their homes to the hilt." You can pick up a standard Titan for a mere £45,000, but you've got to shell out an extra £20,000 for the "truly security conscious" Ultra Titans. Sounds good if you like that kind of thing, and if your home security/pet budget is in the neighborhood of $128,436.75. Fortunately, in Maine, all you need is a dog like Tootsie. She was considerably less expensive, is faster than any German Shephard on our local beach, and much better looking. Don't you think?