Which rock guitarist will I see at Barnes Buchanan today?

After the two-day TechSec Conference held here in Delray Beach, I'm heading up to Palm Beach today for the Barnes Buchanan Conference. And while TechSec had its share of rock stars--I think many would nominate Frank Yeh (Yeah!) our keynote speaker for one. There will be more at Barnes Buchanan today. First we'll have CapitalSource's Professor Bill Polk who will provide warm-up for the conference with an overview of the financial markets. People I've talked to are eagerly awaiting the follow-up to his "Evil Persists (and the security industry does just fine as a result)" talk at the '09 conference. And, from the interesting tidbits department, did you know that Rich Perry, CEO of Security Networks, and Security Systems News advisory board member, who will participate in a company presentation roundtable at Barnes Buchanan today, spent some time as an aspiring rock guitarist? The rock guitarist I refer to, however, is Jeff Baxter. He's now a defense security guy—a DOD consultant with a high-level security clearance in the Pentagon, advising top military and civilian groups on biological warfare, next-generation technology and unconventional strategies. Back in the day, he was better known as Jeff Skunk Baxter, who played guitar with Steely Dan among others. Take a listen. According to You Tube: "A rare Steely Dan performance from old grey whistle test (this episode broadcast-1978;performance is early 70's)-Reelin' In The Years.Jeff Skunk Baxter on lead guitar."