What's the real story on McCoy?

Is it a case of a state senator extorting an alarm company? or an attorney showboating for Alberto Gonzalez? Or a little of both? The trial of Iowa state senator Matt McCoy is expected to resume today after being postponed because of snow yesterday. The Feds say McCoy—who was nabbed by a government informant—extorted $2,000 from Reid Shultz, owner of alarm company Security Plus. This particular story doesn’t mention it, but Iowa Dems say the indictment is politically motivated. Here’s our October story with background. You see, this indictment was handed down in March, right around the time Alberto Gonzalez was engaged in a firing-fest, taking down U.S. attorneys who didn’t indict enough Democrats in their states. Iowa Democrats say that this is a case of one Iowa U.S. Attorney Matthew Whitaker, a social conservative with his own political aspirations—showing his partisan toughness for Gonzalez to see. They say he used questionable methods to collect evidence. They’re standing behind McCoy in this case. McCoy’s had trouble with conservative colleagues before. McCoy is an openly gay man who had his sexual orientation revealed by a Republican colleague in 2003.