Vivint installs hit the mark


This has been milestone year for Provo, Utah-based Vivint. First, on Feb. 1, the 14-year-old company rebranded from APX Alarm to better reflect the addition of home automation to its home security offerings. Among other highlights this year, Vivint also announced this summer that it had created Vivint Energy, a new division the company said would “pull together the company’s smart meter installation capabilities, energy management services and renewable energy initiatives.”

Now, Vivint has a new announcement: the recent completion of its 1 millionth customer installation.

“This is a big milestone for our company,” Shawn Brenchley, senior vice-presiden said in the company's Sept. 15 press release. “Vivint’s philosophy is to reinvest company profits into our people, products, and services. The millionth install was made possible because of the valued members of our organization, along with Vivint’s ongoing commitment to providing superior customer service.”

The release also quoted the 1 millionth customer, James Owen of Decatur, Ala., as saying:  “My grandchildren are always teasing me about being old fashioned when it comes to technology. Vivint’s installation and service techs took time to show me how to use my new system. Thanks to their great customer service and Vivint’s easy-to-use technology, I can now manage my door locks, lights, and even thermostat from my smartphone. My grandchildren will sure be surprised.”