Tips on "switchover sales" from Pinnacle

One of my favorite things to do is surf You Tube for alarm company news. You too? Have you seen this trilogy? The titles in parentheses are mine. Switchover Sales Technique Part I: Part I (Engaging the MAN of the house) Switchover Sales Technique Part II: ("Is there a fire or is your wife burnin' the food?) Switchover Sales Technique Part III (If for any reason you can't pay the $39.99 a month, you'll still be responsible for it. I wouldn't worry about that.) It's a three-part instructional video, starring Scott Warner of Pinnacle Security about how to talk customers into switching from their alarm company to Pinnacle. This Scott Warner is some kind of fast-talkin' sales guy! And the homeowner, who looks a little like Will Ferrell don't you think?, is pretty easily convinced to do stuff. I love the pitch on installing smoke detectors. "Over the two-way voice, they'll ask ya, 'Is there a fire or is your wife burnin' the food?" That's what he says: "Your wife burnin' the food?" He also asks the homeowner if he's the "man of the house." I haven't heard this kind of banter since the last time I watched "Leave it to Beaver" on Jet Blue. And when it comes to contract time, the homeowner wanted to know if if he can get out of the contract if he can't pay the monthly fee? Well, Scott says, he's gonna give the homeowner the "three-year corporate agreement" and that, yeah, he'll still be liable for the whole contract no matter what, but "I wouldn't worry about that." And that line of reasoning convinced the homeowner to sign up with Scott. Maybe the homeowner is Will Ferrell? Does Scott's name sound familiar? It did to me too. That's because Scott Warner was one of the "rogue summer sales people" sued by ADT last month. I've got a call into Pinnacle to see if Video Trainer Scott Warner and Lawsuit Scott Warner are one and the same. "Lawsuit Scott Warner" is VP of Sales for Pinnacle and is accused by ADT of summer-sales mischief (telling a customer that Pinnacle was taking over the monitoring of ADT) in Illinois. The lawsuit says that Scott had a "trainee" with him at the time.