Shape up security

If Somerville can shape up, the security industry has definitely got a shot. A few days ago I wrote about the woes of Santa Monica, Calif. where so many people are exercising and making so much noise that the neighbors complained and the cops had to get involved to limit the exercising. (I know, big problem!) Look what's happening here on the other coast: Somerville, Mass has become "Fit City" according to this story in today's Boston Globe. Somerville is a city next to Boston, borders Cambridge actually. I lived there for a while way back in the roaring 80s. At that time, Davis Square was a place for 20-somethings to find a cheap triple decker, not the hipster hangout it has turned into today (home of Axis Communications execs among others.) But who knew it would turn into Fit City? And guess what? the city of Somerville, in collaboration with charitable organizations and Tufts University is encouraging this "Shape Up Somerville" initiative. And it's becoming a model for other communities, from the story: "We want the default behavior, the behavior that requires no additional money or significant effort, to be the healthier behavior," said state public health commissioner John Auerbach. "How do we achieve that? By making sure schools have healthy lunches in the cafeteria. Working with employers to create healthier work sites. Make it easy for people to walk or bike to school or stores. To do that means mobilizing a community, and that's what Shape Up Somerville has done." Some one tell me that there's a Shape up Security initiative out there.