S.C. Gov. vetoes sprinkler bill

IN a big blow to sprinkler advocates who have been working on an incentive bill here and on the national level, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford waited until the last minute to veto a sprinkler bill that would have provided tax incentives for homeowners and businesses to retrofit with sprinklers. The bill was sent to the governor's desk last week after passing the state senate. He had until June 11 to veto or sign. Had Sanford not signed or vetoed the bill, it would have automatically become law on June 12. Reports said the governor objected to the amount of the incentive (25% from the state, 25% from the local government) calling it more of a "subsidy" than an incentive to invest. The Legislature will reconvene June 25 to take up the governor's vetoes. At that time the Governor's veto could be overridden by a two-thirds vote. If not, the issue is dead until January.