Rest easy with retro fire system?

One thousand government workers were evacuated, but there were no injuries reported during yesterday's fire in the Old Executive Office Building, which apparently started in Dick Cheney's ceremonial office. Reports say the cause of the fire is still under investigation. The Old Executive Office Building (one of my favorite buildings in Washington, which someone renamed the Eisenhower Executive Office building, when I wasn't paying attention) faces the West Wing and is part of the White House complex. A story today in says one reason there have been few serious fires in the White House is because there are always people there, so smoke is not about to go unnoticed. That makes sense, but the story also says "a serious fire detection system was installed in [the White House in] 1965. And it's very sensitive. When a sensor detects smoke, a warning goes off in the Secret Service's control center in the White House." A serious 60s fire detection system? That system may be Mod, but not modern. Let's hope the fire marshal's paying attention and it's been updated a few times since Lyndon Johnson was president.