Ready for the double black diamond?

Have you security industry travelers tried out the new Black Diamond Self Select lines at airports that allow seasoned travelers (black diamond) to take the fast lane and people who need more time to self-select the slower (green circle) lane? If you’re not an expert traveler, but don’t need extra time, there’s even a special line (blue square) for you. This story from today’s (Kentucky) Courtier-Journal raves about the new line program implemented at Louisville International Airport. My experience with this system is limited. I went through the expert line in Oakland, Calif. in May with my colleague and fellow expert traveler Rhianna Daniels. We sailed through, but it wasn’t much of a test drive since all of the lines were remarkably short. Click here for a map of the 32 airports that currently have black diamond self select program. The map says these lines are at JFK and LaGuardia. Somehow I’ve missed them, or managed to get in the wrong line anyway. What’s your experience in these lines? They appear to be emulating ski areas with the green circle, blue square, black diamond rating system. Do you think they'll eventually have Double Black Diamond lines, where you not only have to be an expert traveler, but fast with your belts and shoes as well?