Positive summer-sales model story

I'm telling you every single day I read stories from all over the country detailing complaints about summer-sales-model companies and their sales people run-amok. Some of this is to be expected, given the hundreds of college kids that are dispatched around the country to sell these systems. Though, I can tell you that there are way more stories this summer than last summer. So here's some bonifide news on that front. No, it's not another chipper local television new reporter investigating complaints of a door-to-door alarm scam, nothing like that. Sam actually found a positive story about one of the summer-model companies, the big grand-daddy of them all, Apx Alarm. Apx is the biggest and most well established of the summer-model companies, and they've made big strides in getting good press over the past couple of years. Don't know if one of their guys pitched this story to the local Moorhead, Minnesota TV station or not. Might be something they and other companies might want to do in communities where they feel they're having a positive impact on families. Here' the story.