Platinum vs. Pinnacle, and what about Absolute?

I got a comment on Friday's blog about Pinnacle Security telling me that I was way off base calling Platinum one of the two dominant players. This reader said Pinnacle ate Platinum's lunch in 2008 and was going to do it again in 2009. (Specifically the commenter said Pinnacle doubled Platinum's business in 2008.) So setting the record straight here. I spoke to Jeremy Pixton, partner at Platinum, and he said Platinum sold about 60,000 accounts in 2008. I have a call into Pinnacle President Kelly Walker to find out the official numbers for Pinnacle, but haven't heard back yet. (It's still early in Utah right now, I know!) However, the word on the street is that Pinnacle sold about 66,000 or 67,000 last year. I fall on the sword for saying that Pinnacle is smaller than Platinum. I was wrong. My dear reader, however, was not correct in saying Pinnacle doubled Platinum's business last year. And I think you'd find lots of folks at Platinum who'll be willing to argue with that reader's assertion that Pinnacle will double Platinum's business this year. Jeremy told me: "Because most companies in the summer sales industry are concerned with recruiting sales reps for the upcoming year, there is much said about production that's not entirely accurate. From what sources have told me, Pinnacle's production was about 5% more than Platinum's last year. This is far from double." I'd say Platinum and Pinnacle are both in the running for the number two spot--with Apx clearly number one --for summer model alarm companies based in Utah. I have to say, I love the competition and I wish you all well. One word of advice though. You might want to keep your eye on Absolute Security in Virginia. I wrote about Absolute in June. Click here to see the story. Both Curtiss and Jeremy (from Platinum) will be featured in our July "20 under 40" feature (where we choose 20 leaders in the industry under the age of 40.) Curtiss runs the second largest ADT dealer in the country and Absolute derives 60 percent of its sales through door knocking. Curtiss said he'll soon be expanding his door knocking operations to all regions of the country where he does business. On an entirely different topic, (see Friday's blog) Bart Didden was back in the New York Times again today. The story--more on his connection with Supreme Court Justice nominee Sotomayor--is on page 13, along with another photo of Bart.