NBFAA to go away. ESA is new name

The NBFAA announced yesterday evening that members voted to change the 61-year-old association's name to the Electronic Security Association. The press release said 79 percent of voters wanted to change the name. The 79 percent is well over the two-thirds majority necessary for a name change. The actual number of ballots cast was not included in the release. I'll be calling the NBFAA later this morning when the Texas work day starts. The impetus for changing the name was to more accurately reflect the work that members do, something NBFAA officials believe will help the association in lobbying efforts, working with AHJs, and expanding membership. This is the second time that the NBFAA membership has voted on changing its name. In the winter of 2006, the membership said an unequivocal no on changing the name to ELSSA, the Electronic Life Safety Security Association. Personally, I have to agree that ESA sounds better than ELSSA. ELSSA sounds like a cow's name; ESA, on the other hand, sounds, like we say in Maine, wicked good. Here's the release:
Irving, TX, September 9, 2009 - Results from the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA) name change vote were announced today. Of the ballots cast, 79% voted in favor of changing the name to the Electronic Security Association (ESA). The by-laws require a 66% margin to pass. This decision didn’t come lightly to the association. “There were many hours of discussion and reflection, before the NBFAA Strategic Planning and Executive Committees and its Board of Directors voted to recommend an update of the association brand name to the membership,” said Michael A. Miller, ESA President. “Strategically, we feel that this name change will strengthen our association and allow us to connect with a broader membership demographic.” Additionally, the proposed name and composite brand: More accurately represents the services that the members and prospective members provide. Puts the association in a position to make their strongest case to the public and authorities. Strengthens the cause with federal and state legislators as lobbying efforts are increased. Puts the association in position to grow their membership and widen their influence. “The mission of the association, to promote, protect and to serve the members and their businesses, will remain the same,” said Dave Simon. “We’ve just updated our name to more accurately reflect all of the technologies in which our members are actively engaged. We will always respect our heritage and we have confidence that this history making move will have a powerful, positive impact on our members and the industry that we represent.” The Electronic Security Association wants its members to know that the change-over will take place throughout the next several weeks. “Changing the logo, the brand, the look and the feel will be a work in progress,” said Merlin J. Guilbeau, ESA Executive Director. “Stay tuned for a new, fresh, relevant and updated identity for your sixty-one year old association.”