More fun at NFPA 2009

Tomorrow, Sept. 19, is the deadline for proposals for presentations for the 2009 NFPA Conference and Expo, which is going to take place in Chicago June 8-11. Here's more info on the call for presentations. I'm looking forward to the event, as I always do, 'cause I get to see my fire people, and because I love Chicago. Read on for another reason: I was talking to NFPA's Cheryl Pozner-Green last week. Cheryl put together the behind-the-scenes tour of the fire systems of the Beatles' LOVE Cirque du Soliel show for the 2008 NFPA show, and she did a great job. I always learn more when I can see the systems they're talking about. Plus, I felt like a daring adventurer up in the rafters of the Cirque set, 70 feet above the stage. So, the good news is that Cheryl and her group are trying to pull together another fire tour in Chicago. They've got some great ideas about locales, but nothing's nailed down yet. I'll let you know when I hear more.