Location, location, location

Now I'm not sure if it can be seen from space, but Underwriters Laboratory is making quite a splash on the Vegas strip for this week's National Fire Protection Association World Safety Conference and Exposition with the enormous banner it placed on the front of The Luxor Hotel in Vegas. See the photo above. The banner says: "UL is Safety. Find the Mark on 21 billion products worldwide." In case you don't know Vegas as well as trade reporters like me, who are required to spend an inordinate amount of time in that town, the Luxor Hotel is the one that's shaped like a pyramid. It's got that light that shoots out of the peak of the pyramid that can supposedly be seen from space. It's right next to Mandalay Bay, where the NFPA conference is taking place. Here's a nighttime and daytime shot of the Luxor. I was at the opening of day of the show yesterday and had a brief visit with Rob Toch, my contact at UL and did a drive-by visit of UL's sizeable booth on the back center of the showfloor. I did notice that FM (one of the other testing labs, a competitor in some ways to UL), while it's booth was smaller, had scored some prime show floor real estate, stage right, near the entrance.