Kermit's in da house

I was reading in the New York Times this morning about Clorox’s (yeah, the bleach) effort’s to become greener and how their purchase of Burt’s Bees (originally a Maine company that makes lip balm and other natural products) is going to help it do just that. Interesting story and smart move, but I think it'll be a while before we hear "Clorox" and think "green." The next “green story” I came across today was about how consumers’ resolve to be green may push home automation mainstream in 2008. And, of course, residential security is an important piece of the home automation package. The story notes that the “environmental benefits of home automation will be touted at this week’s Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas.” The first wave of home automation adopters may have been the fabulously well-to-do and techy nerds, the story says, but the home automation industry believes “high energy costs and environmental awareness” will help drive widespread adoption, and soon.