It's a new year

And here at my house we've made a resolution. We're not going to get to Year 3 without seeing the same group of college friends with whom we've been welcoming in the New Year for a long, long time. (Course, we're all now many, many years removed from college. In fact some of our kids are getting frighteningly close to being college-aged.) Last year, I lamented in this blog, about how jobs and the fact that we're now all far-flung has interrupted this fine tradition. This year, though, my family's resolved to restore the tradition. We just may have to celebrate the coming of the New Year in August. Wish us luck, and I'll do the same to you with your resolutions. And to accompany that Bloody Mary this morning, here's the only song you need. It's a vintage version from an appearance on Late Night with Jon Stewart. Happy New Year, and here's hoping you have some fun in 2010.