InGrid vs. Traditional Security Man


On the left: InGrid, a new wireless self-install (or professionally installed if you prefer) home security system. On the right: in a tangle of wires and packing a drill, your traditional home security system. It's a television ad and it's like Apple's "Mac vs. PC" for home security. I had my doubts when (InGrid CEO) Lou Stilp told me in 2007 at the Barnes Buchanan conference that he believed InGrid could be the kind of home security system that people would want to use and would think is fun to own--but this kind of packaging is a very good start. Stilp hired Jerry Zucker of National Banana (known for his work on the old movies Airplane and Naked Gun) to produce a bunch of new commercials that are funny and show that InGrid delivers "superior security, reliability and connectivity." The commercials debut on cable network RCN in Chicago and Philadelphia later this month. Here's the story. Guess I should be all tangled up in wires 'cause I can't figure out how to post the video here, so you'll have to cut and paste the following URL the old-fashioned way to see the commercials.