Happy news from Delta

I'm back after a glorious school vacation week of outdoorsy fun and sun with the family. No, we did not go on an excellent, educational, exotic vacation, it was warm and beautiful right here in New England. So, after that great week, I'm expecting some work re-entry pain, but it's kind of nice being back at my desk with my Mac. Maybe it's the fact that it's nearly returned to winter temps here in Maine, or maybe I'm peppy because one of the first things I came across this morning was some potentially excellent travel news. Lots of you in the industry, like me, spend a fair amount of time on planes, so this may make your Monday as well. I don't have confirmation—i no call back yet from Delta Corporate Communications—Delta is apparently installing some newfangled seats in some of its planes in economy class. There's lots leg room, a side panel so you won't fall asleep on a stranger's shoulder and here's the one downside: You may have trouble talking to the person next to you. Now that's the kind of downside that I like. Here's what they look like: The stories I've seen (in Saturday's New York Times and on a couple blogs) say the seats will be installed by 2010. I'm hoping that Delta Corporate Communications is going to call me back with the happy news that some of the first planes to use these will be flying in and out of the Portland (Maine) International Jet Port.