A guy who likes to gamble in Vegas

I just got an email this morning from Wael Badawy, founder and chief technology officer of video analytics company IntelliView Technologies of Calgary. As promised, he sent me screen shots of a maintenance worker stealing a cell phone from their booth at ISC West. I really can't figure this out. ISC West is a trade show in Vegas that has more cameras per square foot than people--well almost--and this worker decides to swiping a cell phone is a good bet? Now that's taking gambling to a new level. So, this is what happened: Wael's VP, Mark Gillingham, realized he lost his cell phone and remembered leaving it on a table in the booth. To help jog his memory, he decided to take a look at the video footage from Intelliview's cameras. (While the monitors were not turned on after hours, the cameras were running 24/7.) Using analytics tools, Gillingham located footage of the phone on the table...and then saw Einstein here grabbing the phone. When I visited the booth on Friday, Wael and Mark showed me like three different angles of this guy taking the phone. Security was there and the supervisor recognized the worker who took the phone. Fast forward a couple days and Mark has his phone back. As for Einstein...maybe he should take up black jack.


[...] at ISC West last year and was caught on multiple cameras on the show floor (see Martha’s blog about the event). That caused serious buzz at the show that year, so I can’t even imagine the [...]