Go outside and run around

This industry could learn a little something from my mother, whose answer to any complaint I had as a kid was, “Go outside and run around, you’ll feel better.” And if you were looking for something fun to do, her advice was: “Go outside and run around.” I’m reminded of this because of this notice from SIA that just popped into my inbox. It’s about an ISC West event, a motorcycle/car ride to benefit education for first responders. Now, SIA’s a great organization and I’m all behind any event that supports education. I can even imagine having fun riding a motorcycle through the Nevada mountains. That said, I would be so very happy if this industry could ever hold an outdoor event where people actually got some exercise. How about a road race? A walk? Some skiing? A hike through those beautiful Nevada mountains? Anyone? Just don’t tell me that golf is exercise (an exercise in frustration maybe)