Getting ready for ISC West

ISC West is fast approaching and all of us here at SSN and Security Director News have been booking meetings and getting ready for this annual Vegas extravaganza. I have to admit, I don't dislike Las Vegas as much as I used to. The smoke, the crowds, the faux-everything used to leave me thinking the red-eye home was a pleasant experience. After a few trips, however, I'm kind of getting used to Sin City. It's nice to see all the people I talk to all year in person at the show, and if there's no natural beauty in Vegas, there are some great places to eat and shop. Coincidentally, at my house, my husband and kids and I have been watching, and enjoying the Ocean's series of movies, having missed their first runs in the theater. Last weekend we watched the original Ocean's 11, filmed in pre-high rise Vegas, before ISC West even existed. There are a lot of dated references, but lots of cool as well: Cesar Romero's mid-century modern home; a Nelson Riddle score; a very young Angie Dickinson; Dean Martin singing 'Ain't it Kick in the Head' ; Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford, and how wicked cool is Sammy Davis Jr. here singing Ee O Eleven...