George Jetson redux

The inventor of this contraption said he's not sure how it might be used in the future. Couldn't it have some security/fire applications? It's jetpack, like George Jetson's, and it's going to be unveiled today at an airshow in OshKosh, Wisconsin. It's the brainchild of inventor Glenn Martin, who hopes to be selling these this fall for around $100,000 apeice. Here's a NYT piece about the jetpack. The reporter got a chance to try out the rig and here, in part, is how he described the experience: "the jetpack jumped off the ground as if impatient to get moving, scattering a cloud of dirt and grass clippings. With the startling power of its twin rotors and its 200-horsepower engine behind my shoulder blades screaming like an army of leaf blowers, it felt almost as if I were doing the lifting myself, with muscles I did not know I had. It felt like living in the future..." Here's a UTube video of the Martin jetpack. How fun is that? Sign me up for the home security jetpack beta test.