Frontpoint is mum, at least to trade press

I saw this interesting blurb in the NYT the other day about two young Wall Street titans—Chris Villar, 29, and Aaron Shumaker, 27—who left Goldman Sachs a couple years ago to start an alarm company. They took all they learned at Goldman Sachs and brought it to McLean, Va, where the founded Frontpoint Security. They sell DIY alarm systems (GE and equipment) and according to the Times story, "Mr. Villar, the chief executive, places the 50-employee company’s 2009 revenue at $5 million to $15 million." I was interested to talk to them for a bunch of reasons (well, what was it $5 million or $15 million?) How many systems are you selling to make that money? Who's doing the monitoring? And, how did your Goldman experience help you set up a DIY sales process? I just did a big story about a new owner for Protect America and spoke to the new owner and to Thad Pascal , the CEO so I was interested to see how their DIY business compared to Protect America. I also just recently spoke to John Cannon, an interesting guy who was an investor (in alarm companies among other sectors) who now owns and is president of Alert Alarm in Hawaii. Here are a few details provided by the Times:
"They teamed up with a third partner, pooled the money they had made on Wall Street, tapped some angel investors and started FrontPoint Security in 2007. Based in Tyson’s Corner, Va., the company sells home and small-business security devices and monitoring services, emphasizing do-it-yourself installation and wireless control through P.D.A.s, cellphones and the Internet."
Oh, and Villar said he hasn't made any big mistakes with his business yet, with the exception of letting a crappy marketing consultant work for him for too long. He should have fired him sooner, he said. Anyway, that's all I've got for you on Frontpoint. I spent some time trying to reach them, which is not easy, since the only numbers and emails they have are for customer service and sales. When I did track down someone who does outside PR for them, I learned they don't talk to the trade press.