Former Firstline chief back into home security sales and more

I had the chance to talk to Wright Thurston yesterday about his new venture Elevate Marketing Group. I'll have more in a real story for next week's newswire, but here's a little preview. Some of you may recognize the name Wright Thurston. He was one of the main partners in Firstline Security a summer-sales model company, out of Utah. For a while a couple years ago, there was talk...more than talk perhaps, about Firstline merging with Pinnacle. That deal didn't happen, and there's still some legal wrangling going on with that. Firstline is still in business in Utah, and being run by Thurston's former partner, Trevor Keyes. Back to Thurston: he's still on the board of Firstline, but left the his position as CEO there at the beginning of 2008. And he left Utah for OC. The new company is based in San Clemente, Calif. For the past two years, he's been working on a "bundled services" offering sold across the country using the summer-sales model. The services include phone, Internet and Dish TV. The company's sold "thousands of systems" in the past two years but it's been in a kind of beta mode. This year, Thurston says he's ready to really launch Elevate big time. What may be of interest to you, my readers, is that this year, Elevate Marketing Group's bundle will include Internet-based home security. (And IPTV in Q3, he says.) They've got financial backing, but they're looking for more and have partnered with Pepperwood Partners to do that. Working with Thurston are other former Firstline executives including: Ben Ward, VP sales for Elevate and a former top VP from Firstline; Jordan Folsom, who's doing training and marketing for Elevate and was the top sales rep for Firstline.


Go Elevate!!! I am excited for you to get your full funding in!! Take it to the moon, I know you can!


It was only a matter of time before these guys go again. Look out. What a team they have there. Good luck to you.

These guys dont pay their employees, EVER. Run as far as you can from them.