First Alert bound

On my way to the Honeywell First Alert Professionals conference and killing a little time before boarding my flight from NY to Orlando. It's my first time in the new Jet Blue terminal, which just opened in October. Too early in the day to try out any of the many dining options, but I like the looks of the places, and the mod seating options in and around the terminal in particular. I read that the architect for the project, David Rockwell (who is also a set designer), collaborated with broadway choreographer Jerry Mitchell in the design. I wouldn't say I was dancing through the place this morning, but I was perhaps a little more fleet-footed than usual cause it's an easy space to navigate. So I'll be hanging out with some of the top security dealers in the country for the next couple days. I expect to post some entries here and I'm hoping to talk to some dealers on camera too. We're launching SSNTVNews in January, so I've been charged with helping to come up with some content. Who knew I was not only a blogging expert, but a videographer as well? Gonna have to get myself some square glasses and maybe I'll start calling people Dude as well. I've got my daughter's digital camera, and I'm going to track down David Gottlieb, the global marketing guy for Honeywell, cause I know he's a video expert, and hopefully he can show me how to use the thing. In the meantime, watch Sam's promo for our video contest. And then send him a note telling him to stick to writing. If you want to see some better YouTube video, check out this. It's of the May opening of the Honeywell/Ademco museum at the new Honeywell headquarters. I was there, but make no cameo in this video.