Congratulations Nick!

I learned yesterday that one of my best sources—an expert on all things fire—went and retired on me! ( And before I could talk to him for a story I'm writing this week about IP technology and fire installations. Not happy about this, Nick.) Guess who? It's Fire-Lite director of marketing Nick Martello. In case any of you can't place the name, here's his photo. Recognize him now? Probably. Nick spent 25 years in fire and integrated systems and besides working for the Honeywell Fire Group, he also worked for Kidde Automated Systems, Thorn Automated Systems, Medeco Security Electronics, Medeco Locks and Matrix Systems of Dayton, Ohio. And here's some stuff you might not know about Nick... He spent 14 years as a public school music teacher (K-12) and was also a middle school principal. He worded at Sea World of Ohio for eight summers, where he found, according to his bio, that he "really liked electronics and went back to get electronics training. I then started my own wireless central station." After selling out to his partner, he developed intelligent fire systems for Kidde. He then transferred to marketing and worked extensively in the integrated security business including integrated fire, security, access control and CCTV. Next was Medeco Electronics, where he did marketing for SiteKey, an intelligent r/w keying system, and then, full-time consulting for Matrix Systems of Dayton, Ohio. In 1997 he joined Notifier, where he helped develop the Uninet Integration platform and served as marketing director and, finally he took over as Fire-Lite marketing director My sources at Honeywell say he's going to play golf, but they also say he likes to be busy, so may do some consulting. He's also got a blog to write. Here's the link. I like the tagline, "the online home for all things Martello" Congratulations and good luck Nick! Security Systems News will miss you!