Clarification on arsonist's message sought in Texas

Maybe I should just do what the bumper sticker tells me and not mess with Texas. You know, hit delete like others, who really don't understand how they do things down there. Problem is: I can't delete because this story just keeps getting weirder and more interesting. You know the story: the Texas governor's mansion—which was undergoing renovations including a delayed sprinkler retrofit—was torched by an arsonist about 10 days ago. It subsequently came out that the security system wasn't working properly, and hadn't been for a few weeks. In today's story, the fire marshal surmised that the arsonist was mad about the governor's stance on something, like maybe the death penalty, either that or he was pissed about the renovation of the mansion. Then there's an appeal from the fire marshal to the arsonist, “We do feel you had a message and we would like to hear from you.” In case the angry arsonist doesn't come through with a clarification of his message, they've offered a $50,000 reward for info leading to his arrest.