Bunch of complaints about Brady's alarm company

Take a look at this link, which includes a tv news story about Tom Brady's Cordoba, Tenn.-based alarm company, which he named, "The Alarm Company." Apparently 48 complaints have been lodged against the company in the past six years and this story says Brady's using unethical tactics to steal accounts. He's telling customers, for example, that their current alarm company, ADT, is going out of business and "The Alarm Company" will be taking over the account. "Just sign this contract and we'll continue your service." Sounds bad, but the video casts Mr. Brady in a worse light. I'm going to make some calls on this today, but Brady certainly doesn't do himself any favors by running into a back room when a tv news reporter pulls a Mike Wallace on him. Here's the link. You've got to watch a 10-second commercial before the newscast comes on.