Broadview Security: The next generation of Brink's Home Security

So what do you think about the news, announced this morning, that Brink's Home Security is changing its name to Broadview Security? Here's my story It's growing on me. The first thing that struck me was that the word "home" was conspicuously missing in the new name. I asked Bob Allen (president and CEO of Brink's/Broadview) about that and he said it's no mistake. The new name is meant to reflect the wide range of services the company offers to both businesses and homes. He also said the name, and logo, are meant to convey the "active protection" provided by Brink's. The tagline on the new logo is "The next generation of Brink's Home Security." LandorPrint Stay tuned for more on the Brink's Broadview transition. I'm on my way to NYC right now. I'll be on Wall Street at the New York Stock Exchange bright and early tomorrow morning to watch Bob Allen ring the opening bell in celebration of the birth of Broadview. In the meantime, I'm eager to hear what you think of the new name.


I hope Brinks knows how hard it is to build brand awareness.

Hate the name. It reminds me of a campground or holiday park. Just not very intimitating!
I was about to sign a 3 year contract with the Brinks rep, but just learnt about the new name. Now having second thoughts.

You mean you hope Broadview knows how hard it is to build brand awareness. I picked Brinks because of the name. The customer service was never great, but somehow, because of the Brinks name I tolerated it. Now that it's no longer a Brinks company, and with the company is based in Irving, TX (not the state where I live), the so-so customer service (to change my password I had to fax in a written request and wait for their "approval" during which time (over a week), I was unable to use my security system), I am going to look at other home security companies.

What were they thinking? My wife and I just recently bought a house that has Brinks installed and we were so happy to have the name behind our home security. In fact, this was one of the major selling points for us when choosing this home...Broadview? The only thing that comes to mind when i think of that name is a cable company not a home security company...this is a very bad decision that they are making and we will be promptly switching to ADT as soon as we move into our new home.

I personally don't like the new name and I am dissatified with the customer service. For two weeks now I have not been able to access my security account information. I called customer service and they could not assist me with the problem and gave me a lengthy passcode to try when I am able to get on the webpage. Sad to say, I am still unable to pull the darn thing up and keep getting "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage." Improvements definitely need to be made for customers to access their account without the headache. I guess I will have to wait for my bill in the mail, which isn't my normal method of payment. Back customer care and accessibility behind the new name!

I chose Brinks because of the name. Broadview is too wimpy. I'm switching soon.

Brinks is huge brand recognition. Having their sign on my yard is a psychological deterrent to break-ins and gives me peace of mind. I'll have to go back to ADT. Forget the marketing brainwash--Broadview sounds like a neighborhood two bit company, regardless that it' the same people or culture

Broadview.... just don't get what that has to do with protecting my family. Sounds like the name of one of those companies that used to make camera equipment and wants to try their hand at home security. If it were marketed as "Brinks Broadview" it would be better; the name Brinks is established, synonymous with safety, trust, strength. You just can't avoid thinking of armored trucks with smartly dressed, professional security staff. They're making a mistake not continuing to capitalize on that name. I'm afraid they're going to regret this move.