Bound for Baltimore

Heading out now to get ready for the trip to Baltimore for the second ESX show. We get in in the afternoon and I'm going to try to catch at least part of the session: "Anatomy of a transaction: How to buy or sell an alarm business," starring FOPs (friends of the paper) Eric Pritchard, Ron Davis, Bud Wolforst, John Lombardi and Les Gold. We'll see if Air Tran gets us in on time. Sam and I will be at the Young Security Professional's reception tomorrow. (Sam will play the part of the young security professional; I'll just be a reporter on scene.) Looking forward to meeting some of SSN's "20 under 40" who I've spoken to but not met in person. After that, we head to the Weinstock & Jackson awards and reception, which in addition to being a really nice event, is always a fun networking event. On Wednesday, Sam and I will be doing live interviews for ssnTVnews in our booth #1102. Please stop by. No heckling allowed, but it's OK to wave at the camera. Oh, and planning for Thursday, make sure to put Sam's two sessions on your calendar. He's leading the "Rising Stars Forum" at 1:30 and the "Next Generation Forum" at 3. Oh, and get there early; it was SRO at his sessions last year.