Are you biking?

There is an upside to rising oil prices. People are thinking about conservation (I'm writing a story this month about Pat Egan of Select Security buying 13 new fuel efficient trucks that get double the gas mileage of his previous vehicles); they're using public transportation, and best of all, they're even riding bikes. I was listening to an NPR story yesterday about efforts in Portland, Oregon to expand the network of bike paths/lanes and making biking to work safer, and more convenient. Click here to listen to the story. Six percent of Portland residents commute to work and the number of bikers has doubled since 2001, this story said. This is nice, you say, but what does this have to do with security? Well I'm wondering if any of you are biking to work? Encouraging your employees to bike? Supporting efforts in your community to build bike paths or set aside bike lanes? In Portland, authorities said they're emulating the bike-friendly culture found in many European cities. American cities and employers could definitely take a cue from them on this. All new employees at Axis Communications are given a bike. (At least at their Lund, Sweden HQ; not sure if the employees in Chelmsford, Mass., get bikes as well?) I was in Lund and Copenhagen last year for an Axis event and I was struck by the number of people—old and young—riding bikes at all hours. In both cities, bikes, cars and pedestrians all coexisted effortlessly. (see photo above) It's healthy, it's green, and there's another benefit to this pro-biking culture: I didn't see anyone in Lund or Copenhagen who was overweight.