An alarm system Paper Moon

Can I tell you, my inbox is getting spammed with Google Alerts about marauding bands of summer-model sales people. Seems they're creating havoc with their "scams" and "con men" from Baltimore to Hawaii and every little Texas town in between. I don't mean to make light of the problems of deceptive sales tactics used by some of these sales people, but I do like the gangster (I use the term in the 1920's sense) lingo used in these stories. Makes me think of that old Ryan O'Neal movie. 124117__papermoon_l1 Here's a smattering of "con artist" stories from today: Con men in Hawaii--MAX Alarm is the company named. I've never heard of them, but going to call David Leavitt, one of the owners listed here to see what he's got to say. After the dust-up in Nagadoches, Texas, Apx salespeople are in hot water next door in Lufkin. Got an email into Stuart Dean to see what he has to say about this. And on the East Coast. No company is named, but this alert says the security systems scam artists are out in full force in Baltimore.