Alarm One's harassment is OK as long as it's equal?

Alarm One of Anaheim, Calif., which should have won some kind of "most likely to be mistaken for a trogloydyte" award for seeking to motivate its employees by corporal punishment and humiliation, has been one-upped, in my opinion, by an attorney who helped reverse a sexual harassment decision against the company. Please read on. In 2006, Janet Orlando was awarded $1.7 million in a sexual harassment case against her former employer, Alarm One. That judgment was reversed this week by an appeals court according to this story which ran in the Fresno Bee today. Orlando and other employees were subjected to spankings as part of Alarm One's “team building exercises.” Here’s our story on the lower court decision. According to today's Fresno Bee story, the jury of the lower court should have been instructed to determine if Orlando was spanked because she's a woman. Orlando's attorney Nicholas Wagner indicated he'll attempt to bring the case back to trial and said, "I'm kind of surprised that the court has taken the position that, if men and women are harassed the same way, then it's OK." I saw in an AP story that Alarm One had gone out of business. Maybe something good will come out of this after all.