ADT's Snyder steps back into security

I'm back to security after a week of school vacation fun with the fam. Lots of stuff to weed through in my inbox, but I came across this interesting announcement from last week. Mike Snyer, former ADT president and a 30-year employee of ADT, has stepped back into security for the first time since leaving ADT in 2006 for a post at Vonage. I haven't met Mike Snyder, but I've heard from lots of people that he's well liked and respected in the industry. So where'd he go? Proximex, a "PSIM" software developer, announced last week that Snyder has joined its advisory Board. (PSIM is an acronym for physical security information management; it refers to software that controls and integrates disparate physical security systems.) In its announcement, Promixex notes that Snyder joins Bill Crowell, former Silicon Valley CEO and NSA deputy director, who became an Advisory Board member last month. From the release:
"Together, the Proximex Advisory Board brings extraordinary expertise in the areas of both physical and logical security."
“I’m very impressed with the Proximex strategies to deliver the best in PSIM today while preparing companies for future security integrations,” Snyder said in a prepared statement. “This company has a unique ability to provide exceptional system deployment and customer service while bringing PSIM benefits to the business level by extending the life of major portions of embedded security expenditures and, thereby, stretching budgets and making security purchases last longer. Proximex is also looking ahead to guide companies on integrating information from other business applications and systems. I believe that focusing on the customer is an integral part of success so I look forward to helping Proximex expand and deliver on these important market strategies.” Snyder started at ADT as a sales representative, and held several management positions, culminating in the role of president and COO for North America in 1997, a position he held for nearly ten years. More from the release:
During this decade at ADT, Mr. Snyder grew revenues more than 6-fold along with industry-leading levels of free cash flow and operating income. Utilizing an aggressive and balanced strategy of direct and indirect distribution, numerous acquisitions, market segmentation and new product development, ADT grew its customer base within North America to more than 6 million customers. In addition, the ADT Call Center and Service Strategy was developed and deployed, resulting in the highest customer satisfaction in company history. “We’re extremely pleased that Mike agreed to join our Board,” said Jack Smith, chief executive officer for Proximex. “Mike’s experience with physical security technology, customer acquisition and retention, and strategic program development is hard to beat, and we look forward to his strategic insight, practical guidance and leveraging the relationships that he has built. With both Mike and Bill’s guidance, Proximex will continue to deliver on the needs of the physical security market.”


Brinks should bring synder on to run their new company ICD security solutions.