ADT 1, Hollywood power couple 0

For those of you who are keeping track of what's going on with the lawsuit against ADT filed last fall by the "Hollywood Power Couple," chock one up for ADT. Remember the Hollywood Power Couple? She (Sherry Lansing) ran Paramount Pictures, and he (William Friedkin) directed The French Connection and The Exorcist. Yeah, yeah, Power, shmower. So Sherry and William are suing ADT because they put in a $25K system and, they say, an ADT guard service did not respond quickly enough last summer when burglars busted into their Bel-Air manse, and stole "irreplaceable jewelry." On to the latest in PC vs. ADT: This paper's reporting that ADT got the go-ahead from an LA judge to go in and photograph the home as part of the company's defense. ADT can only be in the mansion for three hours and can't share the photos with anyone. Darn, I really wanted to post photos of the power couple's palace.