10 Manchester, NH bars, clubs without fire protection

For ten years Manchester, NH fire officials had been reminding (but not forcing) a local restaurant, T.R. Brennan's, to install a fire alarm system. Before the holidays, the fire department put its foot down and sent notice to install or else. The current owners got an estimate, but no system had been installed by Christmas day when the building burned to the ground. There are more details in this Manchester Union Leader story, as well as some curious talk about how a fire alarm may not have made a difference. Huh? Couldn’t have hurt, right? Who knows, maybe it’s a quote out of context. The most interesting part I thought was the list of 10 other Manchester bars and clubs that are not yet compliant with state fire regulations that will take effect Jan 31: Here they are: American Legion Post No. 43 Eleven Eleven Mad Bob's Saloon Knights of Columbus Council No. 5260 Yee Dynasty Club Mount Royal Begy's American Legion Post No. 79 Liquid The Chateau