Video networking company moves into security arena

Saturday, June 1, 2002

PORTSMOUTH, N.H.-A video networking company active in the corporate and government sectors has revamped its video networking platform and launched a security surveillance video product targeted at the security industry.

Video Network Communications Inc., based here, in early May launched its EyeNet System Architecture, which applies VNCI's video distribution technology to security and surveillance monitoring.

What's unique about VNCI's technology, according to Roger Booker, senior vice president of business development for the company, is that the video and data gathering capabilities are transmitted through twisted-pair wiring and can be integrated with existing CCTV installations.

Through the company's video conferencing product, called VidPhone, VNCI had sold the product direct to end-users using a small direct sales force, Booker said. Now, the company, through VidPhone and the new EyeNet system, is pursing reseller agreements with such organizations as Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Verizon Enterprise Solutions Group, Booker said.

"We are transitioning from a direct sales force to strategic relationships where we can leverage a sales force" like Lockheed Martin's, Booker said. The company has also initiated the application process for GSA schedule on the EyeNet product.

The company began to develop its video technology to target the security arena shortly before Sept. 11, and had prototypes of the EyeNet system up and running in November. The product was introduced on May 1.