Tri-Ed opens new branch, plans co-locations with Clark

Boston and Denver picked as test markets for co-location
Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WOODBURY, N.Y.—Tri-Ed, a distributor, announced the opening of a new branch in Memphis and the intention to co-locate two new locations with Clark Security, a locksmith division of Tri-Ed’s parent company Anixter.

Co-locating will benefit “the customer base from Clark, as they migrate from the mechanical into the electrical locking business. They’ll have a single stop shop, as Tri-Ed offers more of the electrical locking products,” Pat Comunale, Tri-Ed president and CEO, told Security Systems News.

Tri-Ed hasn’t co-located any facilities with Clark previously.

Comunale expects the Boston and Denver co-locations to open in the next 30 days—these locations are currently open as Tri-Ed branches. “We have a very good presence for both Clark and Tri-Ed in [Boston and Denver] and we figured we’d take one place in the West and one place in the east.”

“I think you’ll also see some additional co-locations in the Southeast,” Comunale predicted.

Tri-Ed has looked at opening a location in Memphis for several years, according to Comunale. “Memphis has been a strong market for us from a shipping stand point, and it was time to put a location there for the convenience of our customers.” He estimated that the closest branch to Memphis prior to the new locations is Little Rock, Ark.

Tri-Ed currently has 65 locations. “We think we’ll eventually have ... closer to 100 locations,” he said.  

Tri-Ed could co-locate with Anixter branches in efforts to expand its presence in the country, Comunale said, but there are currently no plans to do so.