MKS is revamping Micro Key University

The software company breaks 1,200 customer mark
Wednesday, March 14, 2018

KISSIMMEE, Fla.—MKS, a provider of monitoring center software, recently announced that it is revamping Micro Key University. The company’s EVP Chuck Speck told Security Systems News that account growth was a factor for the re-launch.

The company recently hit 1,200 customers in mid-2017, Speck said, and was “looking for a way to reach out to as many of them as we can and give them a reusable resource, [so] that they can really stay plugged into what’s new with the software and how to utilize it more efficiently.”

Micro Key University was first started in 2010. “It served its purpose for its initial launch, but now there’s some better tools out there that really give it more of a classroom atmosphere, just a better way to really distribute all of that information out there and do it in a format that allows central stations and dealers to progress their internal people as well.”

In its previous iteration, MKU became more of “a resource center, where we had a lot of information out there, but really it was up to the user to go and define how they wanted to categorize that or use that, or create their own professional development. This is going to be much more structured and have a full curriculum base and outlines for managers of our customers,” Speck said.

Classes in MKU will range from tips, tricks and refreshers of initial training to higher level classes on best practices or advanced software features, Speck said. The courses will cover “every aspect of our software,” Speck said, including accounting aspects and sales methodology, accounts receivable and inventory management functions, and the features related to alarm processing, such as action plans or video monitoring—among other features.

“It is really going to be self-paced, so they can design it around their own curriculum needs and really where it will impact their company the most,” Speck said.

The university is entirely online and MKS is looking to include certifications as a part of the program, according to Speck. The relaunch should take place after ISC West.

MKS also educates dealers and customers through its annual users conference, other online training, and classes in the company’s Florida office as well as at customers’ locations.