'Gone Girl' for the win

Film receives annual award for using security tech in plot
Thursday, February 26, 2015

REDONDO BEACH, Calif.—The winner of the 2015 Morepheus Award is David Fincher, film director of the thriller, “Gone Girl.”

Moore Protection, a home security company based here that serves high-end clients, presents the award annually to the film that best portrays modern security technology as an integral plot point of a major motion picture.

In “Gone Girl,” the lead female character manipulates an alarm system and a separate surveillance system to implicate two people in a crime.

The award, presented just after the Academy Awards ceremony, started out “as a fun way to politely remind our clients and the rest of the Hollywood community to be especially diligent about arming their alarm systems when leaving home to attend the various ceremonies and after-parties because at this time of year when the hills are crawling with limousines, so too are they crawling with burglars,” Moore Protection’s president Don Moore said in a prepared statement.

“Gone Girl” stars Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck.

Past Morepheus winners include “Unstoppable,” “Tower Heist,” “Argo” and “The Purge.”