Falcon Security growing with wireless

Friday, August 1, 2003

BROCKVILLE, Ontario - Falcon Security has signed a contract with the Canadian military for a wireless technology designed specifically for alarm systems that the company said has taken it to “a whole new level.”

The Canadian military will be using Falcon Secure Net, but Chris Izatt, Falcon’s sales and operations manager, declined to be more specific.

“We have signed a contract, but you’ll find that all of that information is classified,” Izatt said. He added that the size of the contract was “substantial.”

According to Izatt, Falcon Secure Net allows Falcon Security to bring its digital alarm monitoring service into the wireless age. This eliminates problems associated with using telephone lines for notification, such as weather, accidents and equipment failure, he said.

Falcon Security, which has its own monitoring operation, is the Canadian distributor for AES IntelliNet, which developed the technology behind Falcon Secure Net 25 years ago.

The technology only became available to civilian companies five years ago when AES’s 20-year exclusive contract for the technology expired.

Falcon Secure Net relies on encrypted packets and complex communication algorithms much like secure Internet connections, and delivers alarm notifications along the fastest route possible using smart routing technologies. Izatt said that unlike one-way telephone alarm notification, this system uses two-way digital communication, allowing every alarm message to be confirmed and acknowledged.

While it sounds like Falcon Secure Net would be helpful to monitoring companies with large, spread-out customer bases, it is not something that can be used nationwide, Izatt said, as the wireless technology’s reach is limited.