End Users '20 under 40' 2016—Jeff Reider

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Jeff Reider, 35

Senior manager, global risk and crisis management, Paramount Pictures

Los Angeles

Jeff Reider started out in the industry nearly 13 years ago working physical security on the Paramount Pictures lot.

“I got promoted and was responsible for training, and was a supervisor for security compliance, and then left and started my own e-commerce business for two years before returning to Paramount in my current role,” Reider explained. “My main focus here now is security systems’ technology, so we are support for our global security operations, our productions, travelers, risk management, and many departments come to us for risk analysis and threat analysis and mitigation.”

Reider’s first task in his new role was integrating the many disparate systems into one solution. “We brought all of our systems into one platform, so it is one medium that our new global security operations center uses now,” he said. “We use technology to bring all of our other security aspirations into the business, so it let us expand into different areas we couldn’t do before because we didn’t have the manpower to monitor it.”

Reider uses IMMIX by SureView, an open platform that allows him to integrate systems easily.

Another area of focus for Reider is global asset protection. “We use a lot of situational intelligence software, which is geo-focused, so we can plot all of our assets worldwide,” he said. “We have about 25 offices and varying productions that shoot three to four months all over the world, so we will do risk assessments before they go out for scouting and shoots.”

Reider also does onsite assessments, and recently returned from Brazil where he installed the new Avigilon platform at the global office there.

To provide additional support for travelers, Reider instituted a tracking system, an SOS and ISOS button on travelers’ phones, as well as instituting a mass notification system.