End Users '20 under 40' 2016—Gavin Doherty

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gavin Doherty, 34

Manager of physical and employee risk, Royal Bank of Canada


Gavin Doherty, now working with the Royal Bank of Canada, said that he was originally interested in a law enforcement career, but “was also being exposed to a lot of diverse areas from a security perspective, where I saw … more opportunity from a career progression perspective.”

Doherty has worked in security roles in a few different industries. “I started my career in nuclear power generation before moving into a logistics and transportation-based security role with one of the largest Canadian retailers, called Canadian Tire,” Doherty said, adding that he also worked with Ontario Provincial government before arriving at his current role at the Royal Bank of Canada.

Doherty joined the company in 2013 with the purpose of developing the company’s facility threat risk assessment program, which it now leverages globally, he said. “We need to ensure that we have sound and robust risk management processes and practices in place to identify threats and risk, assess them, and appropriately mitigate them.”

Intelligence gathering and sharing can be a challenge when it comes to physical security, Doherty said.

There is an “abundance” of information and resources when it comes to different types of security intelligence, according to Doherty, and in an ideal world he said he would like to have an enterprise solution that could compile it all. “What would be great is for someone to be able to develop an application that can draw up and pull a lot of these sources in, and there’s some applications that kind of do this today, but not in a full turn-key solution.”