CSAA debuts new membership marketing campaign

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

VIENNA, Va.—The Central Station Alarm Association debuted its new membership campaign recently at ISC West and is ready to carry that new message at the upcoming ESX show in Charlotte, N.C. in June.

“One of the powers of the CSAA is education and networking, staying connected,” CSAA membership director Becky Lane told Security Systems News at ISC West. “The artwork for this campaign promotes the primal elements of survival, whether it is taken as a heart-beat, a brain wave, sound wave, or the signal that has to be received, understood, and the actions associated with knowing how to properly respond. That is what is essential to membership, that the knowledge is shared, investigated, and used as an intelligent tool and resource to further safeguard the industry and promote excellence of technology.”

The new campaign’s artwork depicts a complex, multicolored waveform; a visual representation of a pulse.

CSAA director of marketing and communications Monique Silverio said the organization is finding “that there is a renewed fervor for national licensing and regulation.” She said all of the associations—CSAA, SIA, ASIS, and ESA—are working on standards. “And we need members’ help and participation.”

Lane said CSAA membership is on the rise.

“Our membership is growing, and interest is worldwide as members experience global exposure. While we are delighted with this expansion, we guard the direction of our founding fathers, and the CSAA Mission. We are steadfast that membership understands the expectation of quality of the services they provide, the seriousness of their commitments, and the passion to contribute and be active in saving life and property.”

Recently, central station automation platform provider Micro Key on announced a new promotion during which it would pay a year’s membership for new clients’ to join the Central Station Alarm Association.