Small intruder raises big alarm

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BROOKFIELD, Wis.—A neighbor who heard an alarm activated at a nearby home May 8 was concerned about a break-in. The neighbor contacted police and went to the house and rang the doorbell, according to an article from the outlet for Brookfield, Wis. ADT signs were posted in front of the house, but despite the noise, the neighbor saw nothing suspicious.

What baffled the neighbor most was that the alarm, which sounded like a very loud outdoor system with a big bell, would sound and then stop for certain moments before resuming again.

An officer was able to contact the homeowner, who met him at the house. According to the article, the problem was something the homeowner knew all too well; instead of an alarm causing the clamor, it was a small woodpecker tapping the metal cap of the chimney. The homeowner said he’d tried to get the bird to leave earlier in the day, but wasn’t able to shoo it away.